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Your portal to a secure future

Ethiack Portal is a one-stop platform for offensive security, connecting organizations and hackers.
It provides attack surface management, autonomous security testing and risk prioritization, while rewarding hackers for their hard work. We do it by combining artificial hacking with human hacking.


Artificial hackers provide continuous and automated in-breadth security testing with instant vulnerability knowledge propagation. So, when a new vulnerability is disclosed anywhere, we are able to test it in a matter of seconds.


Ethical hackers provide in-depth and tailored security testing, focusing on logical creative bugs and advanced exploit research. They can also create their artiacker and be rewarded passively every time it finds a vulnerability.

What makes us unique

Symbiosis is the future of Information Security.
We can automate security testing, making it continuous and instant without compromising quality and depth.



Ethiack is driven by impactful results. We test all layers across your attack surface, finding high-severity vulnerabilities and prioritizing them for you. Hackers are rewarded according to the severity of their findings.

Artiacker build


Hacking is crowdsourced. Our engine gathers knowledge from multiple sources, public, open-source and proprietary. Hackers own and build their own artiacker by submitting modules in any programming language within our framework.

Machine Learning


We are always evolving and up-to-date. Our platform continuously learns and generates new modules automatically as new vulnerabilities are discovered. This allows customers to be forewarned instantly and reduces the probability of malicious exploitation to nearly 0%.

How it works

Features that make a difference

Ethiack Portal takes the weight off your team's shoulders,
so that they can focus on building and improving rather than testing.


We test systems from an attacker’s angle, without any privileged knowledge.


Hacking events allow you to customize testing to specific scope and time needs.

Efficient network traffic

We monitor without overloading. Our automatic change detection system knows when to test.

Low false positive rate

We find valid vulnerabilities with a unprecedented accuracy of 98%, reducing noise.

Triaging and retesting

Security doesn’t finish on testing. Triaging and retesting are included and unlimited.

Tailored Reports

Custom reports for every stakeholder with impact analysis and mitigation strategies.

Vetted Crowd

Quality over quantity. Only 10% of hackers are approved, based on skill and background checks.

Hacking Rewards

Hackers are paid based on both collaboration and excellence, which boosts customer results.

Secure anything you can think of

Ethiack Portal supports a wide range of assets, providing the coverage you need. Challenge us!

Web apps

Mobile apps

Servers and IP addresses


Cloud environments

Smart contracts

Physical assets

Human resources