You build it.
We secure it.

Instant and autonomous security powered by ethical hackers and AI to identify and manage vulnerabilities. We monitor and test your entire digital infrastructure continuously, allowing your team to focus on building.

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The way you do security is outdated

You do not prevent. You just react.

Your current solutions focus on compliance and defense rather than looking for vulnerabilities. They monitor, alert and, at best, block attacks. Instead, you should go to the root cause.

You are living in the Digital Age.

Modern organizations, like yours, are now tech-dependent and agile. Teams deploy assets and update code frequently. This leads to big, dynamic, and complex attack surfaces that cybercriminals will easily explore.

You are not testing (good) enough.

Testing quality and frequency are more critical than ever. New and complex vulnerabilities are disclosed every day with criminals launching attacks in seconds. Security needs to keep pace with technology.

Your team is doing everything.

Your resources are limited and valuable. Yet, your team is drowning in testing and triaging, while missing the most impactful vulnerabilities. Leave security to the experts, and focus on building.

Our approach

Symbiotic Hacking

Machine Hacking

Instant and continuous security
automated by hackers

Human Hacking

In-depth and tailored security
performed by hackers

We make security



Offensive security is the way.

Vulnerabilities are the root cause of cyberattacks, so you need to find and mitigate them. We proactively deliver impactful vulnerabilities with clear steps for easy mitigation.



We secure you in seconds.

Vulnerabilities are reported and triaged immediately from the moment they are discovered. Our AI engine allows us to be always evolving and up to date.



We get you covered, 24/7/365.

Ethiack monitors your entire attack surface for changes, autonomously and quietly. We look for unknown assets and impactful vulnerabilities that could result in great damage.



Your security is our priority.

We believe that security must be accessible to anyone, so you can get started for free and scale as you see fit. You can set it up in minutes and start immediately.

Security as a Service

  • Attack Surface Management & reconnaissance
  • Vulnerability identification with threat prioritization
  • Reports with impact analysis & mitigation steps
  • Launch on-demand hacking events
  • Automatic triaging and retesting

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A new category

We are on a mission to deliver outstanding continuous security at affordable prices.

Current offensive security solutions are outdated. They are untimely, time-consuming, labor-intensive, and/or very expensive. Ethiack takes a unique, more efficient approach. It combines machine and human security in a one-stop symbiotic platform, taking advantage of both approaches.