Know your Attack Surface in detail

Agile development and third-party software make attack surfaces bigger than ever, with many exposed assets.

We find what’s hidden on your infrastructure through AI, active reconnaissance, and scanning so you can keep your assets safe.


Get alerts on changes as soon as they happen

Thanks to our Automatic Change Detection technology, you'll know immediately when something happens, such as a new exposed service or a deployment, and get notified of your new risks.

Explore connections, manage assets, and mark how critical they are

We focus on what your organization exposes that can affect you. Map everything, from network devices to services, applications, databases, and technologies. Mark how critical the assets are to prioritize security work.
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Get Real-Time Infrastructure Alerts

If change happens, it's important you know as soon as possible. We'll alert you immediately as soon as changes happen through email and push notifications.

FAQs about Attack Surface Management

  • Can my staff interpret the results and do something about it?

    Yes. We provide you with a real-time risk score that explains how vulnerable your company is. All of the vulnerabilities are also ranked using both the CVSS 3.1 base score and our prioritization algorithm to help you understand which should be patched first.

  • Do you map only External Assets?

    No, we map both internal and external assets. You'll also be able to explore the connections between each asset.

  • Is this a one-stop shop? Do I need to implement other processes or tools?

    We’ll take care of all your ASM needs. And if you’re looking for Offensive Security solutions, we can also help you. Learn more about what we do. 

  • Is there a limit to how many assets you can map?

    No. Our External Attack Surface Management technology can handle thousands of assets. It is used by huge companies like Jumia, which run thousands of assets. On the reporting side, information is organized to account for a growing number of assets.

  • Can I trust the team behind Ethiack?

    Of course. Our team has worked with organizations like Steam, Verizon, Shopify, and even the U.S. Department of Defence. They’ve also won awards such as “Most Valuable Hacker”.

  • Can it find all of our exposed assets?

    Yes. Our ASM technology uses AI and a combination of scanning and active reconnaissance to find all assets, including hidden ones.

Know everything about your
Attack Surface

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