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Here we discuss cybersecurity for technology companies and enterprise businesses.

You’ll find information on best practices, the latest trends, write-ups, and opinion pieces from our team of Ethical Hackers on how to keep your digital infrastructure safe.

Navigating DORA: What Every Financial Institution Needs to Know

DORA, the legislation that aims to ensure that financial institutions are taking the necessary steps to protect themselves and their customers.

Ethiack 2.0 Walkthrough
Full Walkthrough: Ethiack 2.0

Discover all the new features from the Ethiack 2.0 version. Export reports, manage findings, and vulnerabilities, and assess your current exposure risk score. 

Protecting Critical Software with Machine Ethical Hacking

Critical Software develops software for the most critical industries. Learn more about how our Machine Ethical Hacking helps to keep their assets safe.

Continuous Security Assurance for ComplianceWise: Adapting to an Ever-Evolving Landscape

Discover how ComplianceWise keeps its cybersecurity a priority. 

Small and Safe: How Wallim Uses Machine Ethical Hacking to Keep Their Applications and User's Data Safe

Wallim combines apparel with technology, learn more about it.

Bug Bounty vs Pentest
Bug Bounty VS Pentesting for SaaS: Which one should you choose?

Learn everything about choosing between Bug Bounty Programs or Pentesting to keep you company ahead of cyber threats.

ISO 27001 Ethiack
We’re now ISO 27001 certified! Here’s what this means for you

Ethiack is now ISO 27001 certified. Read more about our process and how will this allow us to keep innovating in Autonomous Ethical Hacking.

Pentesting no more: Why it's time to move from Pentesting to Ethical Hacking

In an era of intensive risks in the digital realm, organizations should adopt a more straight-to-the-point approach.

Opinion Article | United Against Cyber Enemies

Nowadays it becomes crucial to validate and prioritize vulnerabilities according to the actual risk they pose to organizations so that security teams can focus on the mitigation.

Case Study BaladAPP
Don’t Stop The Party: How BaladAPP Is Keeping Their Users Safe With Autonomous Ethical Hacking

BaladAPP is the leading app in Brazil for event management. Learn more about security prioritization. 

Ethiack distinguished as a Leader in Innovation in Portugal

Ethiack won the first edition of the Prémio Nacional de Inovação in the Cybersecurity category due to our Autonomous Ethical Hacking platform.

Identifying Vulnerabilities in SaaS: The Guide Updated for 2023

In this guide, we explain everything you need to do to protect your SaaS to avoid data leaks, ransomware and keeping your business safe.

If you want peace, prepare for cyberwar

This opinion article was written by our CTO André Baptista, and originally published on Expresso. Read the translated piece here.

Git Arbitrary Configuration Injection (CVE-2023-29007)

Read all about the Git Arbitrary Configuration Injection (CVE-2023-29007) found by our experts André and Vitor. 

Webinar | Cybersecurity in Supply-Chain

Learn about third-party risk, choosing 3rd party SaaS/cloud solutions vs on-premises, MSSPs External security providers and ethical hacking. 

Risk Assessment: What is it and how to conduct one

This is a crucial step in developing a comprehensive security program and staying ahead of evolving threats. Find out more about risk assessment.

What is a Pentest: How ethical hacking can protect you

Learn about pentesting and how offensive cybersecurity prevents society's digital structures from collapsing.

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In the digital dimension, chaos may emerge if technology is disrupted. We secure technology business through Autonomous Ethical Hacking.