About Us

Securing progress

Society is immersed in the digital dimension and it can quickly turn into chaos if the technology we depend on is seriously disrupted or compromised. Our mission is to prevent it from happening. Despite the common negative meaning of the word “hacker”, we, hackers, have a critical role to play in the digital age. We work everyday to protect organizations all over the world, and are the first to fight for freedom of information, right to privacy, and free speech. Ethiack is here to help organizations stay protected and empower hackers to join the light side, rewarding them for their crucial work.



Free society from the fear of cybercrime

We envision an ethical and secure world, where people and organizations acknowledge the importance of ethical hackers and live without being afraid of the dangers of technology.


Secure organizations, while rewarding ethical hackers for their hard work.

Ethiack provides instant, continuous, and affordable security powered by ethical hackers.
We believe that security must be effective and accessible to everyone.


with customers and hackers
is at the heart of our work
because security is collaborative
is what matters after all

Our story


André and Jorge have known each other since they remember. They lived all of their childhood together and have played, laughed, fought and had more ideas and projects than they can count. André is a hacker and a maker, recognized by his work in protecting worldwide organizations. Jorge is a hustler entrepreneur and a space engineer with visionary dreams.

Sooner or later, they started to become very concerned about the dangers of cyberspace and the exponential increase of cybercrime. So, in 2022, Ethiack borns with the duty to protect the Internet. They soon realized that the only way to make it effective and accessible to all, was to combine machines with humans in a mutualistic symbiotic relationship and focus on the root cause, vulnerabilities.

Meet the team 👋

André Baptista (0xacb)

Co-founder / Product

André has 10 years of experience in ethical hacking. He is an invited professor at FCUP and has won multiple international awards.

Jorge Monteiro

Co-founder / Growth

Jorge has 5 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business developer with a background in aerospace engineering.

Vítor Pinho

Head of Technology

Vítor has 5 years of experience as a security researcher and is also a music professor. He is a source of creativity.

Miguel Regala (fisher)

Head of Hacking

Miguel has 15 years of experience as a ethical hacker, and auditor. He is part of several advisory boards of leading international cybersecurity companies.

Andrea Moreira

Legal Advisor

Andrea has 20 years of experience in Corporate, Private Equity and Venture Capital, as well as security and intellectual property.

Bruno Perin

Sales Advisor

Bruno has 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship business intelligence, sales and OKR methodology.