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pentesting coverage

Doing a pentest once a year won’t keep criminals away.

Our Artificial Hackers test your defenses with continuous security tests and report back with vulnerabilities affecting your digital infrastructure.


More accurate than a scanner
Faster than pentesting

Scanners only scratch the surface of the problem and give you a list of vulnerabilities riddled with false positives.
Pentests vary in quality and happen too infrequently while they also carry a high price tag. 

These solutions have many shortcomings that compromise your security.

The Artificial Hackers solves all of these shortcomings. It tests for thousands of different vulnerabilities in your assets, every day, and gives you detailed reports on how to fix them. It’s constantly updated with new vulnerabilities and the findings have less than 1% false positives.

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The Red Team that
never sleeps

The Artificial Hackers works based on events.

Every time a change is detected in one of your assets, it performs automated application security testing from the perspective of an external attacker, without the need to install any agents.

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Continuous learning with every interaction

Thanks to AI and the crowdsourced knowledge of Ethical Hackers, our Artificial Hackers learn new vulnerabilities every day, performing complex attack techniques and adapting attacks to your infrastructure. 

Over 99% accuracy on discovered vulnerabilities

False positives drain time and focus from your team - so our Artificial Hackers will keep them to a minimum.

Our Proof of Vulnerability technology identifies impactful vulnerabilities with over 99% certainty, reducing false-positives to near zero.


Pentest reports were never so easy

Easily export reports for compliance and board meetings.

From your dashboard, you can export executive and technical reports, customized to your brand.

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FAQs about Machine Ethical Hacking

  • Are the vulnerabilities exposed critical, or low-level? 

    The Artificial Hacker has already found more than 20,000 vulnerabilities already, from simple to complex. It gains knowledge about more vulnerabilities from other assets it scans and from modules, submitted by vetted Ethical Hackers, that teach it complex attack vectors.

  • Security budgets are tight. How much would we spend?

    We provide cybersecurity affordable to all. Our plans start at €99/month. You can learn more about our pricing here.

  • How many false positives are there?

    Our Artificial Hackers have a >99% accuracy rate. We ensure this extremely high accuracy thanks to our Proof of Vulnerability technology.

  • How safe is Ethiack? Would they become another attack vector?

    Ethiack is ISO 27001 certified. In addition, we use our Artificial Hacker on ourselves and perform regular Ethical Hacking assessments on our assets.

  • Will my team learn to write safer code in the future thanks to the Artificial Hackers?

    Many clients have shared that thanks to the continuous testing throughout the development lifecycle and the detailed instructions on how to reproduce vulnerabilities, their developers also learn how to write safer code.

  • Does it expand with the amount of code we deploy, how many deployments we make, and the number of developers we have?

    Yes. The Artificial Hackers are used by huge companies like Jumia, which runs thousands of assets. On the reporting side, information is organized to account for a growing number of assets.

  • Can I trust the team behind Ethiack?

    Of course. Our team has worked with organizations like Steam, Verizon, Shopify, and even the U.S. Department of Defence. They’ve also won awards such as “Most Valuable Hacker”.

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