Your New Artificial
Red Team

Improve your security posture with Continuous Automated Red Teaming. With every change that happens to your digital infrastructure, you’ll receive new findings complete with a severity score and mitigation instructions.


24/7 Security Vigilance 

A once-a-year pentest isn't enough in today's dynamic threat landscape. Ethiack's CART system offers continuous red teaming, emulating real-world attacks, ensuring you're always a step ahead. Every change that happens to your infrastructure will trigger testing.

Beyond Traditional Pentesting

While scanners overwhelm you with false positives and pentests are infrequent, Ethiack's CART is the game-changer. Powered by AI and the help of world-class ethical hackers, CART runs continuously with a 99% accuracy rate.

Adaptive and Evolving Every Day

Thanks to AI and the collective wisdom of Ethical Hackers, our CART system learns and evolves daily. It's not just about identifying vulnerabilities; it's about adapting to new threats and ensuring your defenses are always up-to-date.

FAQs about
Continuous Automated Red Teaming

  • How does CART differ from traditional pentesting?

    While pentests offer a snapshot of your vulnerabilities, CART provides continuous insights, adapting to the ever-evolving threat landscape.

  • How accurate is the CART system?

    Our automated systems find vulnerabilities with 99% accuracy thanks to our Proof of Vulnerability technology.

  • Is the CART system scalable?

    Absolutely. Whether you're a startup or a global enterprise, our CART system is designed to cater to all.

  • How does Continuous Automated Red Teaming benefit your business?

    CART offers a proactive cybersecurity approach, continuously simulating attacks to identify real-time vulnerabilities, enhancing trust and security posture.

  • What is the red teaming process?

    Red teaming maps an organization's digital attack surface, identifies vulnerabilities, simulates attacks, and provides mitigation steps.

  • How secure is Ethiack's CART system?

    We're ISO 27001 certified, and we use our CART system on our own assets. Your security is our top priority.

  • Is CART more expensive than traditional security solutions?

    We're committed to making top-tier cybersecurity accessible to everyone. Our CART offerings begin at just €99/month. For a detailed breakdown, check out our pricing page.

Stay Ahead with
Ethiack's CART

Embrace the future of cybersecurity with Continuous Automated Red Teaming.
With Ethiack's CART, you're always protected, always ahead.