Vulnerability Analysis made easy

DevSecOps become more complex and slow as your number of assets grows. Our tools help you keep track of your vulnerabilities across all of your attack surface.


Streamline management with real-time
risk scoring

All of your vulnerabilities on Ethiack are reported in real time and prioritized on the CVSS 3.1 base score.

On top of that, you get a risk exposure score: a metric that indicates your security posture.

Comment, assign,
and categorize vulnerabilities

Discuss vulnerabilities, assign them to team members to get patched, and categorize them based on status.

Once you mark it as patched, we will retest it to validate if the fix was implemented properly.


All your vulnerabilities, triaged and centralized

All vulnerabilities found by the Artificial Hackers and our crowdsourced team of Ethical Hackers get triaged based on severity and impact and added to your dashboard. 

FAQs about Risk-Based
Vulnerability Management

  • How many false positives are there?

    The Artificial Hackers have a >99% accuracy rate. We ensure this extremely high accuracy thanks to our Proof of Vulnerability technology.

  • How safe is Ethiack? Would they become another attack vector?

    Ethiack is ISO 27001 certified. In addition, we use our Artificial Hackers on ourselves and perform regular Ethical Hacking assessments on our assets.

  • Will my team learn to write safer code in the future thanks to the Artificial Hackers?

    Many clients have shared that thanks to the continuous testing throughout the development lifecycle and the detailed instructions on how to reproduce vulnerabilities, their developers also learn how to write safer code.

  • Does it expand with the amount of code we deploy, how many deployments we make, and the number of developers we have?

    Yes. The Artificial Hacker is used by huge companies like Jumia, which runs thousands of assets. On the reporting side, information is organized to account for a growing number of assets.

  • Can I trust the team behind Ethiack?

    Of course. Our team has worked with organizations like Steam, Verizon, Shopify, and even the U.S. Department of Defence. They’ve also won awards such as “Most Valuable Hacker”.

Use AI Automated Pentesting to
make Risk-Based
Vulnerability Management easy

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